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Who cares about what Miss Sherly thinks? Oh look at me I'm a teacher! I wasn't cool in school so I had to study hard to become a teacher! And Kevin ... oh so I can't breathe, am I not allowed to breathe!? No one likes you Kevin! The only reason Ren Yi Xiang is your friend is because you do his homework! What a loser!

Vincent ranting about his classmates and teachers

17 Types of Students in an Online Class is a Season 3 episode from the Titan Academy series. It is the 2nd episode in Season 3, and the 18th episode overall. It was released on April 26, 2020.

This episode follows Class T1-T5 taking an online class on video conferencing platform Zoom with Miss Sherly, but things start to get bizarre very quick.


Among trolling, moms and other interruptions, there are many things that can go wrong with an online class. What kind of student are you?


The Enthusiastic Student (Denise)

An excited Denise joins the Zoom meeting, holding two beakers filled with liquid. A tired Miss Sherly promptly joins afterwards, asking Denise why she was already in online class when it was only 6:00 A.M. at the time. Denise tells Miss Sherly that she wanted to ask a few questions in class pertaining her side project, which was not part of the school curriculum. Miss Sherly initially agrees at first, but after she doesn't understand what Denise is saying anymore, she tells Denise to pause so that she could get some water first.

The Messy Student (JianHao)

A few hours later, JianHao, who is still not ready for class, joins the Zoom meeting while still brushing his teeth. As JianHao greets Denise and Miss Sherly, he stuffs a piece of bread in his mouth. This confuses Denise and Miss Sherly, as JianHao was still brushing his teeth. JianHao, however, reassures them that "it doesn't taste that bad." Denise and Miss Sherly continue to watch JianHao as he applies eye drops to his eyes.

The Complainer (Vincent)

After JianHao had gotten ready, Vincent joins the Zoom meeting and begins to complain about Singapore's circuit-breaker measures. He is also shocked that the June school holidays has been brought up to May instead, and demands that Miss Sherly to tell him that it is not true. However, Miss Sherly, who was annoyed at this point, demands Vincent to stop complaining, to which he obeys.

The Over-Dressed (Debbie)

Shortly afterwards, Debbie joins the Zoom meeting, wearing her school uniform. This confuses Miss Sherly, who said that the students could wear what they usually wear at home. She asks Debbie about this, to which Debbie replied asking "Well, what else should I wear then?" Miss Sherly informs Debbie of the aforementioned guideline, to which Debbie acknowledges and goes off-screen to change, which annoys Miss Sherly. Vincent then said that Debbie was "weird".

The Under-Dressed (Hakim)

After Debbie had changed into her home clothes, Hakim, who is topless, joins the Zoom meeting. The sight of Hakim topless shocks everyone else in the meeting, and Miss Sherly demands for Hakim to explain why he was topless. Hakim claims that since the students could wear what they usually wear at home, Hakim followed the guideline, stating that he usually wears his Calvin Klein underwear at home only, and hence appearing topless. When he finished explaining, he stands up and shows his red Calvin Klein underwear, scaring everyone else in the meeting.

The Insecure Student (Cherylene)

After Hakim had put a top on, Cherylene joins the Zoom meeting. However, unlike everybody else in the meeting, she has her webcam switched off. Debbie asks why she cannot see Cherylene, and as a result Miss Sherly asks Cherylene to switch on her webcam. Being insecure about herself, Cherylene initially declines at first, stating that she has not finished putting on her makeup. However, she finally agrees to do so after Miss Sherly stated that it was it is mandatory for students to turn on their webcams in order to be marked present. However, as Cherylene turns on her webcam, only her forehead is visible, making everyone else exasperated.

The Mover (Nicole)

As Miss Sherly teaches the class about the Benedict test, Nicole suddenly interrupts, saying that she was "not feeling this area" and wanted to move someplace else. As Nicole moves around the house, Debbie asks Nicole to do a house tour, to which everyone else agrees to. As Nicole moves further around the house, the students react to the environment in her house, which annoys Miss Sherly. Nicole tries to find different spots to settle in, finally deciding on the kitchen. Just as Miss Sherly continued the lesson, the class becomes distracted again by the topic of Doctor Strange.

The Mute Student (Vicky)

As the lesson proceeds on, Vicky, who is speaking, could not be heard by her classmates. Miss Sherly tells Vicky to pause, asking her to turn on her microphone. Vicky tries to do so, not working the first time. However, on the second attempt, Vicky speaks into her microphone, which was set on high volume, which hurts the ears of everybody else in the meeting and prompting them to take out their earphones.

The Interruptions (Tasha's Mother & Brother)

After Vicky's audio issue was resolved, the class was learning about science when Tasha asked Miss Sherly to pause so that she could ask her mother to keep her volume down as she was also in the room. However, this was a bad idea as the students wave at her, which prompts her to wave back and greet them. After greeting them and leaving the room, the class proceeds when suddenly her brother throws an object at Tasha, which bounces off her. At the same time, he realizes that Tasha is in a Zoom meeting. However, the class becomes distracted again and waves at him. Initially, he was stunned on what to do, but after Tasha reassures him that she will return the object to him later, he rushes out of the room and Tasha apologises for disrupting the lesson.

The Bad Connection (Juhi)

As Miss Sherly goes through the class' homework, she asks Juhi to give her answers. Juhi, who was reluctant at first, agrees to do so. However, as she shares her answer, her camera and audio glitches. As no one can hear Juhi, Miss Sherly decides to pick somebody else, this time picking Nicole.

The Freezer (Nicole)

Nicole was also reluctant at first, and to get out of giving her answer, she acted like her screen froze, despite clearly blinking multiple times. Miss Sherly, irritated at this point, decides to pick Sierra instead. Nicole is happy that she didn't get picked to answer the question, making Miss Sherly even more annoyed.

The Virtual Background (Sierra)

During another class, Miss Sherly tells the class that she was going to take attendance. As she does so, Sierra pipes in and shares with the class about her virtual background. The class reacts in fascination, and the students start to change their own backgrounds too. Miss Sherly demands for them to stop, to only which they agreed to after Miss Sherly threatened to give everyone a failing grade on their examinations. However, Debbie is unable to change it back as she does not know how to.

The Distracted Student (Cheryl)

After Debbie had fixed her virtual background, Miss Sherly attempts to continue with attendance-taking when Cheryl interrupts as she wanted to share her food and discuss about popular reality television dating game show Too Hot to Handle. The brief mention of Too Hot to Handle distracts the class as they discuss about their favourite characters from the show. Miss Sherly, deeply irritated at this point, states that the show "is trash". The class pauses for a second, not knowing how to react. However, Miss Sherly lightens up the mood, stating that the show is her kind of trash". The class cheers for a moment, but Trev interrupts asking if anybody watched popular Korean drama Crash Landing on You, sobbing in the process over one of the characters.

The Pets (Cherylene)

As the class proceeds on, Cherylene shares her hamster, which prompts everybody else (except Cheryl, who was eating her food) to share their own pets. Miss Sherly tries to stop them, but to no avail.

The Heavy Breather (Kevin)

A few minutes later, the class had settled down. However, the sounds of someone breathing heavily into their microphone distracts JianHao and he wonders who was making the sounds. Ren Yi Xiang chirps in and claims that Kevin is the person who was making the noises. Vincent agrees, and complains about Kevin breathing heavily into the microphone and asks him to stop it. Kevin and Vincent continue to argue, but this was stopped when Miss Sherly, who was irritated by Vincent at this point, asks Vincent to share his answer for a question. Vincent is taken by surprise and is unable to share his answer, to which she asks Vincent to stop worrying about other people's breathing and start paying attention in class. Kevin agrees, ironically breathing heavily into his microphone in the process, though Vincent couldn't care less about his behavior.

The Careless Student (Vincent)

Vincent, who wanted to express his anger about what had just happened, says that he was going to the bathroom. He fails to realize that he forgot to switch off his camera and microphone, and he begins to rant about Kevin and Miss Sherly, heavily making fun of them while mentioning Ren Yi Xiang in his monologue. The class reacts in shock, and as Vincent returns, they pretend like they did not hear what had just happened. Miss Sherly "welcomes" Vincent back to the meeting, though he is oblivious the his classmates' reaction and continues to get back to his schoolwork.

The Loud Student (Cherylene)

After Vincent had finished berating his insults, Miss Sherly continues with asking another question to the class. Suddenly, Cherylene begins to call out for Miss Sherly repeatedly in a very loud manner. After Miss Sherly finally acknowledges Cherylene, Cherylene says that she was only calling out for her just to check if they could hear, to which everyone complains angrily. Having to deal with another annoying person in his class, Vincent, out of options, tries to suggest that Cherylene should be kicked out of the meeting.

The Head Nodder (JianHao)

During another topic, Miss Sherly calls on JianHao. However, JianHao continues to nod repeatedly. The camera pans out and shows that JianHao nodding is actually a video being played on loop in his phone which was directed at his webcam, and that the real JianHao was actually sleeping.

The Time Waster (Ren Yi Xiang)

With fifteen minutes left until class ends, Miss Sherly wants to use to this time begin another chapter. However, Ren Yi Xiang interrupts and says that he wants to let something off his chest. Miss Sherly agrees, and Ren Yi Xiang begins his nonsensical story. As he tells the story, the class begins to slowly doze off. By the end of the story, the majority of the class had fallen asleep. At the end, the real JianHao Tan was actually sleeping with a blindfolder.

The Flexer (Trev)

After the class had woken up, Trev begins to show off his luxury products such as his LV bag and Gucci. However, he is interrupted when his mother began to start vacuuming loudly. Trev, who was annoyed by this, yells at his mother to stop, and his mother replies something inaudible in return. Trev angrily replies at her, demanding her to make breakfast for him. He also loudly asks why Mr. Lakosh was always coming over to Trev's house, which reveals to the class about Mr. Lakosh and his mother's secret relationship. After Trev had finished yelling at his mother, Vincent rudely yells at Trev, demanding for him to get a better computer and better WiFi since he is able to afford LV bags and Gucci products. Ironically, Trev yells again at his mother to get better WiFi.

The Exposed Student (Terry)

Fed up with the class, Miss Sherly decides to pick Terry to share his answers, confident that he was paying attention and taking note besides Denise. She thinks that Terry is suspicious because he had been quiet throughout the meeting and wants him to participate, being very confident that she asks him to share his screen. However, Terry was reluctant at first, but after heavy persuasion and peer pressure from his classmates, he agrees, revealing that he wasn't doing doing his schoolwork and instead was working on a photoshopped image of himself with Denise and Lydia.

The class reacts in horror an is visibly disgusted while JianHao and Vincent use the image as proof that Terry is a pervert. Terry, embarrassed, hurriedly leaves the Zoom meeting in shame despite knowing that they have already accomplished exposing Terry. Vincent decides to rub it in his face even more by adding insult to injury by humiliating him further, even though he already left the meeting. Vincent wildly celebrates his victory by laughing hysterically after gaining revenge, along with some of the other students, though most of the class is either still shocked about Terry's behaviour or disapprovingly views Vincent to be over the edge in his salty behavior.

The Troll (Vicky)

As class was wrapping up, Miss Sherly wanted to give some homework. However, she needed to turn up her volume up first. Vicky suggests her to use command keys ALT+F4, and Miss Sherly uses them without realising what they do. Miss Sherly accidentally leaves the Zoom meeting, and the class celebrates. However, without a teacher around, the students are unsure of what to do, finally settling on studying. At the end of the scene. you can see that Miss Sherly rejoined but was in the waiting room, but JianHao ignores her.

The Hacker (JianHao)

As the class studies, JianHao says that he has a code that would allow anybody to enter the Zoom meeting. The class agrees to use the code, and they receive their first invitee. They hurriedly accept it without hesitation. However, the mysterious invitee is soon revealed to be Madam Soot Beng, who swiftly begins to start issuing homework to the class. Most of the class, in a panicked state and not knowing what to do, quickly leave the meeting as Madam Soot Beng continues rambling on about homework.


Titan Academy Staff




  • Usually, the Titan Academy videos are uploaded at 30 frames per second. This is one of the only videos that are uploaded in 60 frames per second.
  • Following the episode's release, it reached the #1 spot on Trending on YouTube in various countries.
  • As of May 27, 2020, the video has garnered almost seven million views with a like-to-dislike ratio of 177 thousand likes to 3700 dislikes.
  • When Trev was flexing about his new LV bag, he mistakenly mentioned his bag to be a Gucci bag and also mentioned his Gucci shoes, even though he never mentioned his footwear in the first place.
  • At 6:22 Someone was walking on Vincent's screen
  • A YouTube channel by the name of Stokes Twins suspiciously stole the thumbnail for this video (along with 12 TEACHERS YOU'LL NEVER WANT TO MEET), and super-imposed themselves on the thumbnail, as is customary with the other stolen thumbnails they have edited. Despite the backlash from other channels they have stolen from, the channel has still not given credit to JianHao Tan to this day.


  • In "The Over-Dressed", whenever Debbie is on speaker mode, the cursor is mirrored.
  • When Nicole passes JianHao his Starbucks, JianHao's supposed room in Nicole's view is not lit up like JianHao's room on his camera.
  • Vicky's Zoom display name is "yklvv", instead of her first name.
    • It is also the initals of her actress's name backwards, which means that in this episode, she erroneously has her actress's name in the video, instead of being Vicky Soot Beng.
  • Assuming they are using macOS, Alt-F4 closing Zoom would not work in this case.
    • Additionally, Zoom's default settings would ask to confirm if a participant would leave the meeting upon pressing the shortcut, so unless Miss Sherly has the setting off, it would instantly close her instance of Zoom.


  • This episode marked Sierra's first appearance since her last appearance in "11 Types of Students During The Holidays".
  • Hakim going topless is a brief nod to the Types of People Playing Football, part of the rival, where he is topless.
  • JianHao makes mention of "Gong Gong", but the way he says it makes it ambiguous if he's referring to his grandfather or his pet crocodile:
    • He said that 'Gong Gong is sleeping forever', however, it is unlikely that in a short time after its debut video, he would have his exquisite pet killed, and since JianHao is known for his teasing personality, he could have said it just to mess up with his friends like usual, since the Gong Gong they have met in the school series is the crocodile.
    • On the other hand, Gong Gong the grandfather is quite aged, and while the actor is still active, there are implications that the Gong Gong of the school series has passed away since his sole appearance in the pilot episode. It is later revealed that said crocodile ate Gong Gong, so JianHao was right that Gong Gong is 'sleeping forever'... inside the crocodile's belly.
  • The mother-daughter relationship of Madam Soot Beng is referenced again when she joins in the meeting. Vicky utters "Mom?" before the face reveal.


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